Lightning fast transaction with enhanced digital signatures to enable secure micropayments for all e-gaming and financial decentralised applications.

What is new in SonicX?

Scalability and Efficiency through a mix of Dual-nodes system.

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The SonicX platform relies on an efficient system of Masternodes & Supernodes for payment processing and transaction verification. With Masternodes, you can have a scalable network that can achieve higher transaction speeds running along side block producers called Supernodes. They also play an important role to support and process micropayments and payment tunnels. This protects the mainnet from myriads of small transactions generated by payment services while supporting regular repetitive payments.

Token Verification Infrastructure.

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A blockchain based public infrastructure to inform the community about verified token issuers. Will be implemented via smart contract(s) which will store and manage registry of verified token issuers.

Increased Transaction.

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Lightning network coupled with P2P optimization to increase TPS can help to make network produce blocks of bigger capacity at a faster rate. Also special serialization will be implemented on SonicX protocol for empty blocks ( reduction in size of blocks from ~1KB to ~80 bytes) which will result in increased blockrate. With the required network parameters configuration we will bring 20-100% increment (2500 up to 5000 TPS).

Short Links payment address.

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A very useful feature in P2P payments, make blockchain transactions human-readable, can strongly influence mass adoption. Currently, addresses are represented in a very complex form, like: SMGos4tWSdFA6Binj8iL3u7EFrnGpLTp28. It makes payments rather irksome. High chance to make a mistake. Shortlink addressing allows to use shorter and more user-friendly form.

Proof-Of-Time Storage.

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Proof-Of-Time Storage. Will allow participants to share their storage capacity for specified price in SOX. Others can buy storage capacity among storage providers. To become a storage provider, one needs to install the blockchain software, allocate storage capacity and specify a minimum price rate. It uses Merkle paths and RSA trapdoor permutation to prove that data is still stored and that it's stored on exactly same node.

Self-Upgradable Blockchain

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Provable self-upgradable blockchain by decision of Governance Layer. Tron protocol allows to update network parameters, and SonicX will be able to implement more deep modifications and nearly eliminate chances of blockchain splitting after some nodes choose not to upgrade.

For your privacy, the SonicX blockchain will support a ​Token Verification Infrastructure that will use​ Zero Knowledge Proof ​ for more private transactions. This will allow provable payments without revealing a recipient or amount of the transaction. The SonicX blockchain provides the option to make anonymous payments along with standard public payments.

SonicX Ecosystem

Bringing together business and technology

Ecosystem Adoption

As a bridge to business and technology, the SonicX platform delivers. An integrated exchange for users gives them direct access to payments and cryptocurrency conversion. On-boarding is easily setup through apps available for smartphones and other devices.

Community Driven Fun

SonicX is also a platform for DApp developers to publish applications. The idea is to create a community driven marketplace for both developers and users to have access to the ecosystem’s features. Developers can put projects to receive funding based on a voting system by the community’s Masternodes and Supernodes.

Academic Research

Technology is an on-going process to develop fast and efficient systems. The SonicX team works with professionals and academics who are experts in the field of business and technology. Keeping up to date with current standards will ensure the platform remains secure and reliable for users.

Conferences and Seminars

As a community, SonicX holds conferences and seminars for developers and users who want to further increase their knowledge of the ecosystem. This is also a way to interact with the community regarding issues and concerns. That way a stronger platform can be built around its users rather than just the developers.

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